Brandon Venslosky | Business Representative for Local 409

Brandon Venslosky is the new business representative at DC 57 Local 409. Brandon worked as a juvenile probation officer in Cambria County for 4.5 years before picking up some odd jobs like bartending and working at a small paving company. He began his career as an Industrial Painter at Avalotis Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Brandon found himself looking for a fresh start in life when his hometown friends, Dave and Eric Sell, let Brandon know the IUPAT was recruiting painting apprentices.

“Becoming a union member has changed my life in just about every way. My financial situation is as clear as it has ever been. Having health care as well as retirement options has changed how I look at things going forward.”

The promise of potential earnings, healthcare benefits, and retirement security got Brandon through the doors of the DC 57 training center, but the opportunity to help his fellow members has motivated him to climb the ranks at DC 57.

“My favorite part of my new role so far has been the opportunity to grow the union and bring in new members,” Brandon said. “Meeting with young people who are on the fence about going to college and putting themselves in debt, and giving them an opportunity to develop a lifelong career instead is something that I wish I had when I was their age.”