Spotlight on Success: Cracker Plant

Dear Steve and Jerry,

I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight our Union Quality Champions throughout Shell Polymers Cracker Plant in Monaca, PA. 

I am one of the Coatings Craft Quality Representatives (C.Q.R.) working at the site. The Quality Team strives to help the craft workers to get work done right the first time. Quality, Safety and the Code of Excellence are our priorities as we assist our brothers and sisters in the field. 

Pete DeLung (Super) of the Cogen/E.C.U. (Ethane Cracker Unit), reached out to our Quality Team to help create a plan that ensures all new hires and apprentices in his crews have been trained in site specifications and the Quality Absolutes. 

Even though Pete, Christian Wetzel (GF), Dan Kriberney (GF), and Gary Frye (F) were nearly perfect in passing their inspections, they wanted to continue to achieve those standards moving forward. Given the COVID-19 restrictions, I lead a 30-minute, hands-on training class highlighting quality, safety, and the site’s specification on prepping/coating. The class was a huge success and very helpful in mainstreaming new talent and continuing our union tradition in providing companies with the world’s best, most skilled painters. 

A deserving thanks goes to Steve Olash (Local Union 530 Business Agent), Jerry Ferilla (Local 530 Site Union Steward) and the rest of our Painters and Allied Trades. Jerry’s support on site led the way with facilitating these training sessions to ensure quality throughout our job site.  The help of these two serves as a reminder that we are One Union, for creating this culture and ensuring our foothold in the Painting/Coatings Industry.

Union Brothers pictured left to right: Chris Gongaware, Dan Kriberney, Garyt Frye, Pete DeLung, Russell Feightner, Ariel Pena, Mario Martinez, David Pezzella, Yorlan Sandoval, Juan Arden, Yasmany Cespedes.

Very Best Regards,

David Pezzella
Craft Quality Representative
District Council 57, Local 530