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Member Spotlight: Brandon Biernacki

After hanging out in a glass shop throughout his childhood, Brandon Biernacki’s path was carved out even before he worked as a landscaper and a cook right out of high school. Today, Brandon is a fourth-year Glazing Apprentice who enjoys the challenge that working in a rapidly-evolving industry brings.

At the FTI of Western Pennsylvania, Brandon receives top-notch training from instructors who truly care. 

“The training that they have going on is what workers need to go out in the field to get their job done. Thad (Szymkowiak, trainer) is gearing up the workers to be good people – to work hard,” Brandon said. “He keeps everyone motivated, makes sure they’re all on task. I couldn’t think of a better person and leader.”

Brandon has noted that the increased diversity in the local industry, especially in leadership, has helped give him different perspectives. DC 57 prides itself on training and elevating the careers of individuals of all backgrounds. That supportive element empowers workers to get the right training and ask for advice when needed.

“Words of advice: be a sponge. If you’re new and green, absorb everything. Pay attention to detail. Take everything you’ve learned and sort it out. Take notes. Understand how everything goes because you could get yourself in a sticky situation and make sure you’re focused. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. If there’s something I don’t feel strongly about, I ask for advice. I want to make sure I’m doing my job 100 percent.”

When Brandon’s 7-year-old daughter visits him on the job site, she’s thrilled to see Dad up high above the ground on a lift. Each time he reaches a new height, he shows her videos and she’s amazed. Generations from now, the buildings Brandon’s helped to build will still be standing strong.

If you’re willing to work hard, you can have a lucrative and exciting career like Brandon has. He’s telling you to “Get in here and work, and stay positive. Stay strong.”

DC 57 Holiday party schedule

Retirees’ Christmas Party: Tuesday, December 5th at 11:00am (exec board meets at 10:30am) at IUPAT DC 57 Union Hall (101 Ewing Rd, Carnegie)

LU 6, 479, 751, and 2006:  Tuesday, December 12th at 7:00pm at the White Oak Athletic Association (Lower Heckman Rd, McKeesport)

LU 409: Thursday, December 14th at 7:00pm at the Castle Pub (122 N Center St, Ebensburg)

LU 530: Friday, December 15th at 7:00pm at the IBEW 712 Hall (217 Sassafras Ln, Beaver)

LU 549:  Saturday, December 9th  from 1:00-4:00pm at Lefty’s Bar (1248 Brown Ave, Erie)